Richard Thake

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The magical world of imagination ...

It's not very far from where you already are.  It¹s just over there, beyond the two loose boards at the far end of the fence, and across those rolling green fields where those two tumbledown trees are huddled together, holding each other up.

Once you get there, you'll come to an old, old, unmown, almost overgrown --and largely unknown -- lost little pathway that twists and turns some twenty-two times on its way down to Puddlewater Pond in the very old, merry old, frightfully delightful old cuckoo-clock kingdom of Southernmost Thatchwych.
And somewhere along the way, as you head down that hidden grassy pathway, you¹ll cross the invisible line between the world of what¹s real and enter into that wonder-filled world of your imagination ... where the skies are always cloudless and blue, where everyone has at least ten grandmothers and ten grandfathers too.  Where smiles are a part of the everyday art of simply being alive.  And, so it¹s said, it¹s where your dreams and wishes come true.
It¹s a magical, make-believe world filled with all of the wide-eyed wonders of childhood imagination.  Why don¹t you join me? It¹s easy to do.  It begins on Page One of ³Sir Seth Thistlethwaite and the Soothsayer¹s Shoes², the first episode in the exciting ³Sir Seth² series of boys¹ adventure books, available in book stores everywhere. Or order it on-line from this Owlkids link...